I have successfully completed the Whole30 recently and totally loved it. Maybe not everyday - there was that night that I almost cried because I was PMSing and just really, really, REALLY wanted pizza and a beer. But I stuck with it and I feel great now, physically, mentally, even spiritually in some ways. I feel accomplished and proud. I love the compliments, too!

But Day 31 proved to be a real mind bend for me. I had read of people “celebrating” by indulging in a huge meal or a missed dessert or an entire day of eating what they had been missing. I was almost paralyzed with fear. Why would I do this for 30 days, hoping to change my relationship with food, only to binge the first day I am “free”??
In the end, I waited a few days to have a Mexican dinner while away for the weekend. It was a let down. The chips tasted dead, the guacamole had no flavor and the tamales were dried out and nothing special. Even the coveted beer I had looked forward to was only “alright”.
Could it be that I have truly reset my taste buds and my emotional connection with food in only one month?? It appears to be the case. So, I am no longer doing a Whole30. I am now doing a WholeLifetime.