She was my friend

She was my friend

I read some bad news today, as soon as I woke up and checked the Facebook icon on my phone. I lost a dear friend to breast cancer.

She didn’t just die from breast cancer, she died from a long drawn-out battle with breast cancer that took both of her breasts one at a time then moved on to her back and the bones in her pelvis. She died from the numerous chemo treatments and multiple surgeries. She…

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Reblogging fat Olympic athletes as self care.

If you wouldn’t post someone like Holley to your #fitspo blog, then it’s obvious that you care about aesthetics more than actual fitness.

Fat does not equal unhealthy.

She had an awesome True Life episode as well. She was a varsity football player in high school!

Did not know she was on true life. bout to go watch that

didn’t reblog, watched the true life episode, definitely reblogged.  what a cool chick !! i’m inspired

Didn’t see the true life episode, reblogging cuz a) awesome, b) she is very pretty and c) I can’t with her face in the third pic.

Personally I think Holly rocks! Fat is not the question or the issue, she exudes confidence and positivity. We should all be so lucky to feel this good from the inside. Plus, she makes me smile :)

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